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LtJG J.I. Loving, VAW-111
"...Do you want fries with that?"

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Photographs appearing within the USS Oriskany website were taken by many excellent U.S. Navy photographers or individuals that in some way were connected to the Oriskany. Where possible, credits are given in the 'mouse-over' pop-up tags or are affixed near the photos themselves,— if provided by the source. Many proper credits are missing as there was no systematic record keeping by the possessor of the materials used. The material is presented without credit because of the value of the message within each of these items. If you can identify any unknown or unidentified sources, please contact the webmaster for additions or correction.

This website was created and originally maintained by Jerry Bacon until the end of 2001. He served aboard the Oriskany during the WestPac '70 deployment to Yankee Station. At the time, AMS-3 Bacon was attached to VAW-111 and was a pretty good photographer as well. The former Webmaster now lives in beautiful, downtown Manhattan, Kansas.

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