The family coat of arms has sleeves that tie in the back. Is that normal?
Mediocria Firma

It is a reverend thing to see an ancient castle not in decay,

— but how much more it is to behold an ancient noble family 
which has stood against the waves and weathers of time!

Sir Francis Bacon     
Of Nobility     

Welcome to the newest online version of ...

Thomas W. Baldwin's 1915 edition of
Michael Bacon of Dedham, 1640
and His Descendants

Bringin' home the Bacon

Dedicated to JuliAnne, Jonathan, Rebekah and David...
Your children's children will usher in the second millennia
of this ancient and noble family. Be fruitful and multiply.

Bacon House, Bedford, MA

Bacon House, Bedford, Mass.
Built about 1680 and still standing [ed: Baldwin 1915].
Projection on side of house was not on the orginal house.

 Bacon House, Bedford, MA
An advertising card from about 1919 features the Michael Bacon house at 229 Old Billerica Road, Bedford, MA. The card was reproduced in The Preservationist, February 2010 and came from the scrapbooks of Charles Jenks. The text reads: "Many generations of the Bacon family were born in the old house at Bedford which still bears the name of the builder. In part, at least, it goes back to about 1680."

Bacon House, Bedford, MA
This image is circa 1930 (based on approximate age of the cars). The house is still standing today and is on the Registry of Historic Places as the oldest remaining wood-frame built house in the U.S. The structure was begun in 1671. [Note: Different sources give varying dates. Middlesex County property records in the county accessor's office use this date.]
( Image online at: American Antiquarian )

Google Maps. of the Bacon House location In Bedford, MA.
Copy and Search: 42.508942 -71.256889

( Could someone please get permission from the current owner to photograph this historic house and email me a quality, unedited digital photo of the House at it appears today?
It's now restored and painted light yellow ...and, Thanks! The photo could replace this paragraph! )     email:

P.S. I wish I could afford to visit here... and Gorhambury in England.


My original electronic HTML edition [1999] of Thomas W. Baldwin's "Bacon Genealogy, 1915" began appearing on the internet in June of that year. It was however, never completed due to its mind boggling cross-linked and text formatting complexity ...and the fact that I was hand coding all of it in Notepad and Homesite... gave rise to a lot of mistakes, typos, some really atrocious sourcecode — and permanent insanity. I clearly bit off more Bacon than I could chew!!

This new 2013 completed version (100%) replaces the previous futile attempt and will be further extended by the modern wonder of internal hyperlinks. As you begin to search for individuals, the two indicies of names and the Table of Contents will become your best friends. With this newer, easier and much more accurate electronic version, I have chosen to post individual JPEG images of each scanned page as opposed to continuing my previous heroic (failed) attempt to nerdify the original, handset{?} letterpress{!} text into ultra-spiffy HTML sourcecode, i.e.: magically turning Pb into px —a difficult and extremely tedious alchemy, indeed. I have offered no editorial interpretation of the literary character and style found in the original texts as it was originally typeset by the Murray and Emery Company of Cambridge. It appears that they tried diligently to do the same with the original texts cited by Mr. Baldwin. To date, I have made only two errata corrections to the original Baldwin manuscript that were then – and are still – historical errors missed in the proof reading of the 1915 Murray and Emery typeset galleys. As with any genealogical record, errors are very stealthy in nature.

The original 1915 edition is long since out of print and copies are getting difficult to find. You can, however, easily obtain a modern, hardbound photocopy of very good quality from Higginson Book Company (148 Washington Street; P.O. Box 778; Salem, Massachusetts 01970. Telephone: (508) 745-7170). Purchasing a personal copy of this wonderful volume from Higginson Book is much preferred to the laborious downloading and printing of the complete electronic 420 page version found here. I know you will be happier with your purchase of the Higginson hardcopy edition ... it's cheaper and will last much longer (although it has no hyperlinks and is not periodically updated). And besides, I'd rather imagine you in front of a warm and cozy winter fire, family bonding with a book instead of an impersonal computer.

If you love family history and you have a connection to the Bacon family line, I hope you truely enjoy the fruits of this very large, long-term double endeavor of mine. Thanks for visiting and reading with me.

Gerald Francis BACON11
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Issaquah, WA (Sept, 2010)  –  Seattle, WA (April, 2011)
God's Celestial City (20??)

"I am large, I contain multitudes."
                  — Walt Whitman
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