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  HEALTH and WELLNESS INFORMATION! To Help You Stay Healthy    

Keep a journaled record of GAF your progress!
Psychiatrists and Psychologists use a rating scale—
the Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) - scale to assess how well the individual is able to function in his/her environment.

00-10 persistent danger of hurting self; can't maintain standard of self-care
11-20 danger of hurting self; unable to maintain self-care; impairment in communication
21-30 delusions, hallucinations; major impairment in most areas; lack of judgement
31-40 some impairment in reality testing; major impairment in select areas
41-50 serious symptoms (suicidal ideation but low risk); serious impairment in one area
51-60 moderate symptoms in most areas
mild symptoms; able to function with some problems in relationships and work
71-80 slight impairment; transient symptoms
81-90 good functioning
91-100 happy. healthy, and content
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Chart your MOOD also—
On a sheet of graph or lined paper, chart your daily, or even hourly moods on a plus-10 to minus-10 scale with Zero in the middle being 'healthy'. Keep in mind that the normal, daily moods range between plus-5 and minus-5. When you know you're above plus-5 on the manic side, take appropriate steps. Likewise, when you feel you're below minus-5 on the down side, do likewise. Do not be afraid to call someone, a friend or confidant, for help and encouragement to get you back on track.

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