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Upcoming Meetings of the Flint Hills NAMI Support Group:
Call the group leader for information on the next meeting:
Carroll Hess at 776-6156 or Mary Alice and Norm Schlisener at 776-8519

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Upcoming Meetings of the Flint Hills NAMI Support Group:

March 16, 2005: Dr. Steve Eshelman, psychiatrist for Pawnee Mental Health Services will be our speaker on the topic Medications Update. This will be of particular interest to anyone who wants to understand more about the cutting-edge new drugs and the side effects of both the new drugs and the older traditional drugs. Please bring frineds with you who may benefit from this information. At a future meeting, we will have a pharmacist who provides many psychiatric drugs to follow up on Dr. Eshelman's presentation.

In April, our speaker will be Mike Hammond, Executive Director for the Association of Community Mental Helath Centers of Kansas. He will speak on issues related to legislative support for mental health programs in Kansas.

Note: If you have not sent your check for 2005 NAMI dues, please contact Roberta Kroom, Treasurer. Thanks!

NAMI Kansas – Flint Hills Chapter:
An Affiliate of the
National Alliance of the Mentally Ill and NAMI Kansas.

NAMI Kansas is a group providing information and support to the mentally ill and their families and friends.

We meet the third Wednesday of the month (except July) at 7:00 p.m. at Pawnee Mental Health Services Community Support Program (587-4333) located at 1650 Hayes Drive in Manhattan, Kansas. [Map]

Contact Carroll Hess at (785) 776-6156 for more information.

For more information, visit the NAMI Kansas web site or call 1-800 539-2660 or 785-233-0755 or use e-mail eadams@nami.org.

Scholarship applicatios are available and are intended for persons wo would otherwise be unable to attend the conference due to financial considerations. Scholarships are awarded on a “first-come--first-served” basis by contacting the above. Sponsorship requests are due by September 20. Please notify the NAMI Kansas office immediately of your intention to apply for assistance. See contact numbers above.

"Why should I attend?"
Many people find it difficult to do anything that would bring attention to a mental illness that they or a loved-one suffers from. Stemming from the stigma that society has placed with mental illnesses, fear of discovery overrides any motivational effort that a person might have in overcoming the diseases of the mind. Ironically, schizophrenia and the allied affective disorders are treatable once they are correctly diagnosed by a psychiatrist... but even getting to a 'shrink' is difficult for some people to do fearing 'what other people might think.'

But the longer anyone waits (for whatever reason), the more difficult it becomes to deal with it later on.
Do it NOW! Don't go it alone anymore. Give yourself and/or your loved ones a real chance at a meaningful life again.

Start with a support group... start by reading a book on affective disorders... start by getting professional medical help. The key is you being proactive with it and starting somewhere.

"What is Mental Illness?"

Choosing a Psychiatrist

About Psychiatric Medications

Finding a Psychologist

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