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Upcoming Meetings of the Flint Hills DBSA Support Group:

March 17, 2005 – Key concepts for Mental Helath. This is a special 3-part film, the Creating Wellness series by Mary Ellen copeland. The series presnets simple, effective and non-envasive self-help strategies for anyone dealing with emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric challenges. The videos provide useful information about how to get well and stay well. Mary Ellen Copeland is the author of an array of self-help books, including Winnign Against Relapse and The Depression Workbook. She is an internationally known mental health educator and advocate who has developed the recovery model shown in these videos. A really great series, you won't want to miss and a good chance to educate a friend.

April 7, 2005 Caring and Sharing

Exciting News Department: DBSA-Flinthills now has a second group going at Kansas State University: DBSA K-State. There are already ten students involved and we have only just tapped the surface. These kids are so thankful there is somewhere to go to discuss how they feel. They want to meet every week...and, so far, they have. They enjoy doing social kinds of things including going to see The Aviator and coffee afterwards; we hve gone bowling at the Student Union with discussion afterwards; and we watched The Beautiful Mind together. DBSA K-State is a registered campus organization and as such are eligible to get meeting rooms at the Student Union and we can go to SGA and ask for assistance!

The Flinthills Chapter of DBSA is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. Donations in support of Mental Health services can be sent to DBSA Flinthills Support Group c/o First Christian Church, 115 Courthouse Plaza, Manhattan, KS 66502.

Flint Hills DBSA Chapter and Support Group
The Flint Hills Chapter of the DBSA has been in active existence for nearly twelve years in Manhattan, Kansas. It serves Manhattan and its surrounding communities [Map] with an important facet of a consumer's wellness treatment program.
   A local church graciously provides an independent, secure and non-denominational meeting place for the group's sharing and educational sessions.
   The Flint Hills Chapter of DBSA meets on a regular schedule:
     • First and Third Thursday night of each month.
     • Meeting Time is 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (sometimes 8-ish).
     • Location: First Christian Church, 115 Courthouse Plaza, Manhattan, KS. (Corner of Humboldt and Fifth Streets [Map].) Occasionally, some members adjurn after the meeting to a local restaurant for coffee and chat.

All visitors are welcome and confidentiality is a primary hallmark of the group's committment to upholding the mission of the National DBSA. We are committed to helping one another cope with the many facets of affective disorders and the role they play in our lives and how they affect the lives of those around us.
   Each meeting averages about 10-15 friendly people and is open to individual caring and sharing time (voluntary); or may consist of a pre-determined program that could be a video or a keynote speaker from the local mental health community. Upcoming scheduled events are at the top of this column.

Contact the group's leader, Jim Walker, at 785 239-2278 or Ann Foster, 785 776-1332 with questions. If you wish to get in touch by e-mail, the address is flinthillsDMDA@hotmail.com

The Mission of the national
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) is:
   — "To improve the lives of people living with mood disorders."

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance's website is located at www.dbsalliance.org/. They are located at 730 N. Franklin Street, Suite 501, Chicago, Illinois 60610-7240.
   You may call them at 1-800 826-3632 or 1-312 642-0049.

NOTE: In an effort to update our mailing list and in the interests of controlling publication and mailing costs, support group members are asked to contact the group leader, Jim Walker, to verify their desire to continue receiving the monthly newsletter. Failure to do so may result in removal of your name from the mailing list. Jim can be reached by calling 785-239-2278, Mon-Fri, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or via the Internet at flinthillsDMDA@hotmail.com

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"Why should I attend?"
Many people find it difficult to do anything that would bring attention to a mental illness that they or a loved-one suffers from. Stemming from the stigma that society has placed with mental illnesses, fear of discovery overrides any motivational effort that a person might have in overcoming the diseases of the mind. Ironically, depression and the allied affective disorders are among the easiest to treat once they are correctly diagnosed by a psychiatrist... but even getting to a 'shrink' is difficult for some people to do fearing 'what other people might think.'

But the longer anyone waits (for whatever reason), the more difficult it becomes to deal with it later on. Do it NOW! Don't go it alone anymore. Give yourself and/or your loved ones a real chance at a meaningful life again.

Start with a support group... start by reading a book on affective disorders... start by getting professional medical help. The key is you being proactive with it and starting somewhere.

"What is Mental Illness?"

Choosing a Psychiatrist

About Psychiatric Medications

Finding a Psychologist

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